How I Got Freedom At 24 (and you can too)

Hi, if we haven't met my name is Gabe Bult and 8 years ago I had nothing, no money, no formal education ( Including not finishing high school) and no real skills to speak of.

Fast forward to today and I was able to leave my day job at 24, have my wife leave her job and spend my days doing things I love like spending time with my new baby daughter and doing just 1-3 days a week working for money.

Contrary to what it sounds like I didn't do anything crazy. We were able to do this even before my youtube channel took off by doing a few simple things like living extremely frugally, house hacking, using side hustles and leveraging my time to create a lifestyle that has very low expenses and therefore doesn't need a lot of income to cover our lives.

It lets us do what we want with our time whether that's taking 3 months to travel ✈️ to just enjoying our days and spending only a few hours working, leaving time for the things that matter.

This is my blueprint for reaching financial independence, with every topic I could think of that got me to where i am today.

This Works!

If you go though this whole course and this doesn't make/save you more money then the course costs in the first 30 days return it no questions asked.

What you get.

How to completely change your mindset to make making progress in your finances automatic.

✅ How to simplify your finances and make a financial plan.

A complete guide to frugal living

How to rethink your "job" and start earning more.

The basics of House Hacking.

A simple guide to investing for early retirement.

And as always, your full satisfaction guaranteed or a FULL REFUND within 30 days no questions asked!

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Frequently asked questions.

How long do i have access to the course?

you have it till you die. No like legit you have access across all devices that you own for a lifetime.

When does the course start and end?

Well it starts now and never ends! This is a go at your own pace so you can binge it in a day or take your time and go step by step. I'm Also adding new content as it comes up so you can check back every now and then.

What if i hate it?

This course if for you, so if you feel unsatisfied for any reason you can reach out to us within 30 days and you can get a refund